Friday, April 4, 2014

School Days

Maybe my title is misleading.  It's not so much school days as it is school pictures.  I kind of hate them.  I feel like I have an obligation to buy them each time they come around because it's a school picture.  We all have them.  Usually 12 in all by the time we get finished- showing a dizzying array of hairstyles and all the actual proof that we ALL went through that awkward stage.   Some of us (present company included) never really grew out of all that awkward- it's okay though.  I make it work.  Anyway- my point here is school pictures- I sometimes wish they did a better job of actually capturing the kiddo... or maybe capturing a little thumbnail of who they really are. 

I wanted this.  Pretty badly.  So on the first day of Spring Break, I bribed the kids.  I told them if they cooperated I would buy them a slushie from Sonic.  Totally worked.  Love it.  

This is Ryan.

And this is Ryan's cat Skippy.  He's old.  Really old.  And he's going bald.  He's long been without his whiskers and I've glued his eyes back on more times than I can count.  Ryan LOVES Skippy.  Skippy joined our family one hot summer afternoon at a parade.  One of the parade floats was throwing out stuffed animals and a little gray cat landed in Ryan's lap.  Skippy was named after Ryan's favorite book:  Skippy John Jones- a book about a cat that thinks he's a chihuahua.  You can see the appeal to someone like Ryan... he beats to his own drum too.  Ry rarely goes anywhere without Skippy tucked under his arm.

Or perched on Ryan's shoulder.

Ryan also has another favorite cat (too bad he's badly allergic to the real thing).  This one is a stuffed snow leopard named, Spottsy.  He picked him out from the zoo gift shop last year for his birthday.  Spottsy gets his share of the love now that he's around, and sometimes Ryan has a hard time deciding who gets to go to grandma's with him... Skippy or Spottsy.

I guess the reality is that Ryan LOVES them both.  A lot.

This is Kate.

These are Kate's toes.  They are pink because right now, my toes are pink.  When I change colors... so does she.  I kind of love it.  She's the cutest little shadow.

This is Kate looking deceptively sweet here.

I told Kate that I was going to follow her around one day and take pictures of all her funny faces.  This is one of my favorites.  I see it a lot when I ask her what she's doing.

This is baby Abby.  Kate LOVES baby Abby.  Abby joined our family on Kate's first Christmas- and has snuggled with our baby girl each night ever since.

Abby gets strapped into the car next to Kate, and has her own seat in the grocery cart.  There isn't much that Kate wouldn't do for baby Abby.

This is Ty's hand.  It's dirty.  He literally showered ten minutes before this picture was taken.  And he's already dirty.  That's how we roll.  He's also sporting his CTR ring (someone remind me to go and buy him a good one... his finger is turning green) that he got in Primary a few Sundays ago.  He's been wearing it this week to remind him to Choose The Right... he's been having some problems at school- maybe the little reminder on his finger will help.  I guess we'll just have to see.  He's also wearing a rainbow loom bracelet.  They are all the rage these days.  In fact- I think it was his buddy Jake that made this one for him.

This is Ty.  I'm pretty sure he's looking at braces in the next year.

This is the Ty that I see a lot of.  He's kind of a stinker.  But I love him anyway.

This is Yellow Baby Hoo Hoo.  I have no idea why it's called a hoohoo.  Ty used the name when he was 18 months old and it's kind of stuck.  Yellow Baby is getting pretty old.  I have to wash it in the gentle cycle now.

These are my babies.  And I love them all.