Friday, April 4, 2014

Hair's Away

Look at this gorgeous spring day!!!  The sun was shining, we went outside, bared our legs, and pulled out the sunglasses.  I LIVE for these days when the winter blues start kicking in.  And look who I found in the backyard... a cute little blonde haired girl...

Who's hair is getting really long.

Seriously.  Look at all that hair.

She and I decided it was getting to be TOO much hair.  Too many knots.  Too many tears.  So we called our favorite stylist, Jamie who promised she could help us out.

Here she is... securing  a ponytail...

Snip.  Snip.

Holy smokes!  Look ma!  No more  hair!

Kate was a total stoner while Jamie styled her... I was getting worried that our chances for a complete melt down was close at hand and we were going to have to glue her ponytail back on...

Turns out though... little Kate LOVED her new 'do.  

See?  She's even laughing.

She ended up cutting off about 10 inches, so we wrapped it up and sent it off to Locks of Love.  Kate was so excited to tell her dad about her "helping kids who were sick."  It was pretty darn sweet.


Dana said...

Omg love the before and after pics! She is beautiful both ways but how wonderful to donate to locks of love. You all are the sweetest.